Montgomery Alliance

Closure of Montgomery Alliance as of July 1, 2014



TO:  Montgomery Alliance donors, supporters, volunteers, non-profit partner agencies and interested parties

FROM:  The Montgomery Alliance Board of Directors

RE:   Closure of Montgomery  Alliance as of July 1, 2014


Galvanized by the realty of increasing unmet human needs in Montgomery County, in 2005 a committed group of citizen activists established the Montgomery Alliance with the motto "from Montgomery to Montgomery". As a totally volunteer organization with minimal overhead, Montgomery Alliance has offered a cost-effective way for residents to help their vulnerable neighbors through support of valued non-profit agencies.

Each year, Montgomery Alliance has assessed current local needs, and then set its giving priorities. Since its inception it has raised more than $1,160,000 from a wide range of employee supported campaigns, corporate and individual donors. From undesignated funds, grant awards have been given to programs based on their anticipated effectiveness, impact and outcomes with regards to need areas. $203,000 has been granted to agencies such as:

* A Wider Circle * Art Stream * Asian American Homeownership Counseling *  Center for Adoption Support and Education  *  Child Center and Adult Services * Community Ministries of Rockville *  Community Partners *  Dwelling Place * Gaithersburg HELP *  Housing Opportunities  *  Interfaith Works * Jubilee Association *  MANNA * Mobile Medical Care * Stepping Stones Shelter * Top Banana Home Delivered Groceries * * Voices vs Violence/Mental Health Association *  Woodworkers for Children * WUMCO HELP *

In addition to its annual campaign, the Alliance has partnered with other organizations to spearhead creative special projects, raising $165,000 and soliciting a myriad of in-kind goods and services:

BOOK Buddies ---Partnered with early childhood literacy programs to put 6,000 books into the hands of children who were growing up without them. BOOK Buddies honored the late Council-Woman Marilyn Praisner, a strong advocate for childhood literacy.

Family Justice Center ---Partnered with the Family Justice Foundation to create a family friendly waiting room for children suffering through domestic abuse situations.

ARC Swing Project---Partnered with the Montgomery County ARC to build a handicap accessible playground, complete with miniature traffic signs and parking lot for preschoolers.

Combat2College---Partnered with Montgomery College to raise scholarship/support funds for vulnerable Vets returning to education at Montgomery College.

David Scull Community Center---Partnered with Rockville Housing Enterprises to refurbish from top to bottom this Center serving families living in a low income area.

A Special Award---To honor Alliance volunteers and Founding Chair Harriet Guttenberg , a delivery truck was presented to A Wider Circle which provides assistance to families in desperate need of furniture.


 With a strong sense of pride and satisfaction in the above summary of its accomplishments, the Board of Directors of the Montgomery Alliance for Giving will end its efforts by July first. The nature of philanthropic giving has changed. The stressed economy tempered giving in general; more givers are establishing family foundations; and the County Government has engaged a national professional fund raising organization to manage its campaign.

Under the new circumstances, beyond our control, contributions through

Montgomery Alliance would cost much more than in the past because of imposed administrative charges. We believe that as much of the donations as possible given by employees should go to delivery of services to vulnerable children and adults. We therefore close our doors and urge our alliance supporters to give directly or through employee giving campaigns to the worthy non-profit organizations serving needy residents in Montgomery County.

We end with admiration and appreciation beyond measure for the miracles performed day in and day out by our Montgomery County nonprofit agencies.  Committed staff work selflessly, often in the shadows and always offering help and hope.  It has been a joy to support them and those they serve so well.

We acknowledge and thank the donors and volunteers who entrusted us with their gifts.  In particular, we recognize the long time commitment of the following generous volunteers:  Karen Kamerick, Oscar Giraldo, Robyn Quinter, Art Dederick, Saggar and Rosenberg, Sunil Gupta, Stanley Guttenberg and the late, great Larry Pignone. You have our heartfelt gratitude for sharing your time and treasure.







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